Biceps exercises that do work

We all know biceps exercises, at least a couple I’m sure, but just because we know some exercises doesn’t mean that by applying them in our routine we will advance in growth, and even less so at the beginning. Not all exercises force growth in the same way as others. I recommend you to pay attention to this article. We will talk about those 2 exercises that will help you give volumen to your biceps at the beginning of your fitness life.

Biceps exercises with free weights

Biceps exercises
Biceps exercises

Not only in biceps exercises, but also for the rest of the body the free weights is recommended if you are starting out. These exercises are what you perform with barbell or dumbbell. So zero apparatus. Zero pulleys. Only barbell or dumbbell to start.

By lifting free weights, more muscles can be exercised at the same time in a single exercise.

Here are some exercises to get your biceps started.

Biceps curl with barbell.

This is a classic exercise, but very effective. It will also help you achieve more weight lifting in less time, you will achieve greater strength.

Biceps exercises

Dumbbell curl

Another of the kings of biceps exercises. It can also be done in a seated position as well as standing. This exercise concentrates all the tension on the biceps, you will make them explode.

There are other exercises with free weights such as the Hammer Curl, Concentration Curl and others, but I recommend you to do them later, when you have a little more time. In the meantime, work hard on these two basic exercises. Then you’ll achieve volume, if that’s where you want to start.

Remember that always, the exercises you perform will depend on your goals. So it will never be the same volume than definition. Finally I recommend you to focus at the beginning on these 2 exercises, but don’t forget, later you have to add other exercises.

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