How to increase muscle mass

Whoever wants to increase muscle mass without gaining fat is looking for hypertrophy. Muscle hypertrophy means muscle enlargement. Resistance training may be the most effective way to achieve this goal because it can increase bulk and weight by increasing muscle mass rather than fat.

Rest and diet to increase muscle mass

There are several exercise methods that can help you achieve results. Such as isotonic, eccentric, isokinetic exercise, but if you do not follow the other two exercise guidelines (rest and diet), these exercises will not be effective.

With respect to exercise, there is a basic principle called overload. It means that muscles must withstand stresses that exceed the normal limit or the limit to which they are accustomed. For this reason, it is necessary to regularly increase resistance and train all muscle groups.

How to increase muscle mass

With respect to rest, consider active rest and passive rest. The former refers to days when you exercise. This allows specific muscle groups to rest. This is why they are routinely divided by day.

The second refers to not training at all. Rest is also a type of training, because these days, you have the opportunity to rebuild damaged muscle fibers. In this way create new fibers, which in the long run will traduthey will circle in more muscuthem.

Finally, food is important. If the body does not have a foundation for self-reconstruction, then proper training and adequate rest will be useless.

Calories in your diet

If you want to increase muscle mass you must have a diet rich in calories. To build about half a kilogram of muscle per week, you must burn 500 more calories per day. Base yourself on a proper balance between carbohydrates and protein. In these cases, fat is not necessary. Therefore, it should be avoided.

It should be remembered that although protein is the building blocks of muscle. Carbohydrates are the base. It is not enough to eat more protein.

The key to increasing muscle mass lies in the right combination of three factors: rest, diet, and training.

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