Rest during physical exercise

Rest during physical exercise is more than important. We know that doing sports is very important, because it helps to be healthier and also prevents a series of diseases that can negatively affect our health.

There are many suggestions about the amount of hours and exercise each person should do each week or day. But extreme situations are never good. So we should never forget the importance of rest.

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Studies have shown that taking a rest during exercise daily maximizes the benefits of physical exercise. It minimizes the risks of overtraining.

Rest during physical exercise

Hunter Paris, professor of sports medicine at Pepperdine University , said, “Rest and recovery are absolutely necessary.” “Fatigue is beneficial to some extent. But sometimes fatigue builds up and becomes overwhelming.”

Rest during physical exercise
Rest during physical exercise

Several studies have confirmed this. A paper published in 2018 argued that there is a “golden zone” for exercise:

Golden Zone

1. A sweet spot that between less physical exercise (which is related to increased risk of heart disease and cancer and other chronic diseases).

2. Too much (especially for middle-aged and elderly people. Then putting too much pressure on the body increases the risk of heart disease and premature death).

The study recommends no strenuous exercise for more than four to five hours a week. At least one day off is recommended.

Rest after exercise

Other studies in 2023 have shown that taking days to rest can protect us from bone loss (especially bone loss in women). This is a risk factor for many chronic diseases.

A 2016 study showed that excessive exercise can even make us sick. In this study, the protein content of athletes who exercised vigorously for several days decreased. That affects the immune system to fight disease.

Overtraining can also cause your muscles to lose the time they need to recover, so rest during exercise is important.

rest during exercise

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