Physical performance therapy: Supplements to improve

physical performance therapy and its importance

Today I’m going to give you some tips on what supplements you can take to improve your physical performance therapy. Before doing any physical activity, it is essential to load up on energy. Exercising on an empty stomach not only leads to poor performance, but also to a decrease in muscle mass. Energy is also obtained from the protein of the muscle. 

It is basic before doing sport, to make a good load of carbohydrates of fast absorption. In this way we ensure optimal levels of glucose in the blood.

Importance of supplementation for better physical performance therapy

physical performance therapy
physical performance therapy

If you are going to perform physical exercise of intense and intermittent activity. Lifting weights or sprinting it is important that you supplement in addition to carbohydrates with creatine and thus increase the effectiveness of such exercise. 

During exercise the body needs sufficient energy to maintain the activity. It will therefore need a continuous supply of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates depending on the duration of exercise.

If these carbohydrates also contain vitamins B6 and B12, we will be able to reduce fatigue and improve our performance;

Recovering muscle

After physical activity it is very important to recover the muscle during the first 45 minutes. Because the muscle is in a very receptive phase.

This is called the “recovery window” and it is very easy for the muscle to absorb both carbohydrates and proteins. For this you should use supplements containing vitamins from the amino acid group, carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Especially sodium and potassium to avoid the feeling of tiredness and cramps that often occur after sports.

If you get used to this routine you will improve performance, decrease muscle damage and improve your recovery.

Keep in mind that if you take advantage of this window you can recover 80% of this lost energy in two hours. Something that in a natural way without supplements would take about 2 days.

Supplements to improve your Physical performance therapy

These tips will improve your physical performance and your post-exercise recovery.

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