Using the Elliptical for Weight Loss: How to Maximize Your Workouts

Elliptical training: How to use the elliptical to lose weight?

Using the elliptical machine correctly is essential to maximize its benefits and achieve weight loss. It is important to maintain proper posture, with the head aligned over the shoulders and the shoulders slightly forward of the hips. Actively pushing and pulling the handles, rather than just gripping them, helps to engage the upper body. Leaning on the machine can reduce the effectiveness of the workout and strain the shoulders and back over time. It is also important to control the speed, as going too fast can hinder muscle engagement and calorie burning. The movement of the feet should be powered by oneself, rather than relying solely on the pedals.

The elliptical machine is commonly used in the gym, but often not to its full potential in terms of weight loss. However, when used optimally, it can help burn calories and aid in belly fat reduction. The number of calories burned during a session depends on factors such as machine settings, resistance level, and speed. On average, one can burn around 270 to 400 calories in just 30 minutes.

Furthermore, a major advantage of the elliptical bike is that it offers a low-impact workout. By keeping the feet on the pedals at all times, the generated movement is joint-friendly and gentle on the back.

The elliptical machine is a type of cardio equipment that allows you to work multiple muscles at the same time. It increases strength and muscle endurance in the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, but it also exercises the arms, chest, and back through the use of the handles. When you work more muscles, you burn more calories, which is why using the elliptical machine is ideal for weight loss.



How to burn fat Using the Elliptical machine?

Firstly, there are several things to keep in mind during each elliptical workout session in order to lose weight. Training correctly will help you obtain more benefits: It is essential to stand with proper posture, keeping the head steady over the shoulders and the shoulders slightly in front of the hips. To work the upper body, one should actively push and pull on the handles, rather than just gripping them.

Leaning on the machine can decrease the strengthening and fat-burning effects of using the elliptical. Furthermore, over time, it can strain the shoulders and back.

It is crucial to check the speed. Going too fast on elliptical routines can be counterproductive and not truly engage the muscles. In other words, excessive speed, like inclines, deceives your legs and diminishes the strengthening and calorie-burning benefits. The movement of the feet should be driven by oneself and not come from the pedals.

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Advantages of using an elliptical machine

There are numerous reasons to choose an elliptical machine, but here we highlight the most significant ones:

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Training with an elliptical machine to lose weight

Below, you can find four training sessions that utilize various settings on the elliptical machine to lose weight quickly. It is recommended to incorporate at least one elliptical exercise session into your weekly routine to lose weight, or if you use the elliptical multiple times during the week, try a couple or more sessions.

Short bursts of high intensity (30 minutes)

Choose the short interval program on the machine. If it is not available, use the manual mode. Adjust the incline (or ramp) to a low to moderate level.

Hill Training (45 minutes)

Choose a “Hill” program that gradually increases the resistance and incline for a period of two to five minutes, followed by a rest period. Most machines will offer four to six repetitions per hill workout.

Long intervals of moderate duration (45 minutes) should be done manually. In addition, the intensity can be increased by adjusting the ramp and RPM.

The Staircase (60 minutes)

The elliptical bike compared to other bikes

Doing the same exercise over and over again conditions the body to adapt to it. Over time, fewer calories are burned and cardiovascular health is maintained instead of improved. The ideal way to burn more calories and increase fitness faster is to alternate the routine, even if the elliptical is used as the main mode of exercise.

Spinning bikes or stationary bikes.

Just like any other low-impact cardio machine, the stationary bike also allows you to sit while exercising, which helps maintain balance and is ideal for individuals with joint or back pain. However, while you can adjust the resistance, you cannot adjust the incline or use control bars as you would on an elliptical machine.

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The Cycling outdoors.

The main disadvantage of outdoor cycling is that it cannot be controlled like in a gym. There are hills and obstacles to tackle, as well as the added challenge of core stability and the importance of staying on the bike. Overall, cycling is low-impact, but beginners or those with joint problems should choose the elliptical, at least initially.

Specialized cardio stepmills

This machine can offer a great workout for the lower body, specifically targeting the glutes and quadriceps, even more so than the elliptical machine. However, the elliptical still remains the top choice for low-impact training.

Stepping machines for stairs

Running on treadmills

The elliptical machine is great for beginners because their body weight is fully supported by the machine. However, the treadmill has the potential to burn more calories, especially for advanced runners, depending on the speed and incline. However, using the treadmill can result in a high-impact workout and only targets the lower body. Those who want a full-body cardio session or have joint issues should choose elliptical training for weight loss.

Additional tips for using the elliptical

Now that you have become an expert in elliptical bikes, you are aware of all their benefits and the best exercises for weight loss with the elliptical. So why wait to start using the elliptical to slim down at home? Purchase your elliptical from Gym Company now at the best price!

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