Best 12 gyms for women in Netherlands

Finding Your Perfect Fit: The Best Fitness Gyms for Women in Netherlands

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier, happier you! Finding the right fitness gym can be daunting, especially in a country like the Netherlands with a diverse range of options. But fret no more, ladies! This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the Dutch fitness scene and discover the perfect gym to meet your unique needs and goals.

Why Choose a Women’s-Only Gym?

Women’s-only gyms offer a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Supportive and Inclusive Environment: Feel comfortable working out in a judgment-free zone surrounded by women who understand your fitness journey.
  • Specialized Classes and Equipment: Many gyms for women in Netherlands cater to women’s specific fitness goals and preferences, offering classes like Pilates, Zumba, and yoga, alongside equipment designed for female bodies.
  • Personalized Training: Many women’s gyms offer trainers who specialize in working with women, providing tailored guidance and motivation.

Top Considerations When Choosing a Women’s Gym

Before diving in, consider these factors:

  • Location: Choose a gyms for women in Netherlands conveniently located near your home or workplace for maximum accessibility.
  • Budget: gyms for women in Netherlands offer various memberships with different pricing structures. Consider your budget and what amenities are most important to you.
  • Facilities and Equipment: Does the gym have the equipment and classes you need to achieve your fitness goals?
  • Atmosphere: Visit the gym and experience the vibe! Look for a clean, well-maintained space with a supportive and motivating atmosphere.
  • Free Trial or Introductory Offer: Look for gyms offering a free trial or introductory package to test the waters before committing.

Let’s Explore Some of the Best gyms for women in Netherlands:


  • Basic-Fit Ladies: This popular chain offers numerous women-only locations across the Netherlands. Basic-Fit boasts affordable memberships, a wide range of equipment, and a variety of group fitness classes.
  • Curves: Curves focuses on strength training specifically designed for women. With certified trainers and a supportive community, it’s a great option for beginners looking for a personalized touch.


  • Femme Gym: This welcoming and well-equipped gym in Amsterdam West offers a variety of group classes, personalized training plans, and a sauna for relaxation.
  • The Women AMS: Looking for a luxurious and holistic fitness experience? The Women AMS offers top-notch equipment, a beautiful studio space, and a range of classes catering to both physical and mental well-being.
  • Trainmore Ladies Only: Located in Amsterdam West, Trainmore offers a strength-focused environment with qualified trainers and a supportive female community.
  • Only4Ladies: This gym in Amsterdam Oost provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for women of all fitness levels. They offer a variety of classes and equipment, making it a versatile option.


  • Ladies Gym Kralingen: This highly-rated gym in Rotterdam offers a welcoming space with a variety of equipment, group fitness classes, and personal training options.
  • Fit for Women XL: Specializing in personal training and group fitness classes, Fit for Women XL in Rotterdam caters to women of all fitness levels and goals.

Beyond the Big Cities:

Don’t worry if you live outside the major cities! Many smaller towns boast fantastic women’s-only gyms. Utilize online resources and local recommendations to find the perfect fit in your area.

Making the Most of Your Gym Experience:

  • Set SMART Goals: Clearly define your fitness goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) to stay motivated and track your progress.
  • Create a Workout Routine: Design a workout plan that incorporates different exercises to target all muscle groups and prevent injury.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help: Trainers are there to guide you. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance with proper form or equipment usage.
  • Celebrate Your Achievements: Track your progress and acknowledge your accomplishments! This will keep you motivated and excited about your fitness journey.

Embrace the Journey!

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gyms for women in Netherlands

Finding the right gym is the first step towards a healthier and happier you. Embrace the supportive environment of a women’s-only gym, explore different activities, and discover the joy of movement. With dedication and a positive mindset, you’ll achieve your fitness goals and unlock your full potential.

Additional Tips:

  • Utilize Social Media: Follow your chosen gym’s social media pages to stay updated on class schedules, promotions, and inspirational content.
  • Read Online Reviews: Before committing, check out online reviews and member testimonials to get a sense of the gym’s atmosphere and offerings.

Empowering Your Fitness Journey: Resources and Beyond

Now that you’ve explored some fantastic women’s-only gyms in the Netherlands, let’s delve deeper and equip you with additional resources to make the most of your fitness journey:

Finding Your Fitness Tribe:

  • Group Fitness Classes: Many women’s gyms offer a variety of group fitness classes like Zumba, yoga, Pilates, and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). These classes can be a fantastic way to stay motivated, learn new exercises, and connect with other women who share your fitness goals.
  • Online Communities: Don’t underestimate the power of online fitness communities! Facebook groups, online forums, and fitness apps can offer a wealth of information, support, and motivation from women around the world.

Nutrition for Success:

Fueling your body with the right food is crucial for achieving your fitness goals. Here are some resources to guide you:

  • Consult a Nutritionist: For personalized guidance, consider consulting a registered dietitian or nutritionist who can create a meal plan tailored to your needs and preferences.
  • Online Resources: Numerous websites and apps offer healthy recipes, meal plans, and nutrition tips specifically for women.

Staying Motivated:

Let’s face it, staying motivated can be tough! Here are some tips to keep you going:

  • Find an Accountability Partner: Working out with a friend or family member can significantly boost your motivation. Having someone to support and celebrate your progress can make a big difference.
  • Track Your Progress: Whether it’s a workout log, fitness app, or progress photos, tracking your progress can be a powerful motivator. Seeing your improvements will fuel your drive and celebrate your achievements.
  • Reward Yourself: Set milestones and reward yourself for reaching them. This could be a new workout outfit, a massage, or even a weekend getaway!
  • Embrace the Fun Factor: Don’t forget to have fun! Choose activities you enjoy, explore different workout styles, and find joy in the process of getting fit.

Additional Resources:

  • The Dutch Fitness Federation (NL Actief): This organization provides resources and information about fitness and healthy lifestyles in the Netherlands (
  • Women’s Health Magazine (Dutch Edition): This magazine offers fitness tips, healthy recipes, and inspirational stories for women (

Remember, you are not alone! The Netherlands boasts a vibrant community of women passionate about fitness and well-being. Leverage the resources listed above, embrace the supportive environment of a women’s-only gym, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Taking Action to select gyms for women in Netherlands:

Ready to take the next step? Here’s a call to action:

  • Visit Gym Websites or Social Media Pages: Research the gyms mentioned in this article and explore their websites and social media pages for detailed information on facilities, classes, and membership options.
  • Schedule a Gym Visit: Most gyms offer free trial passes or introductory sessions. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the gym firsthand, meet the staff, and ensure it’s the right fit for you.
  • Invest in Yourself: Investing in your health and well-being is an investment in yourself. Don’t hesitate to prioritize your fitness and commit to a gym membership that supports your journey.


Your fitness journey is a personal adventure. With the resources, guidance, and supportive environment of a women’s-only gym, you can unlock your full potential and achieve your fitness goals. So lace up your sneakers, embrace the power of movement, and get ready to experience the transformative power of fitness!

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